All clubs will commence at 3.15pm unless otherwise stated and requires a consent form from parents.


Monday               Art Club  (Key Stage 1)                                  4.00pm

                                Change 4 Life                                                    4.15pm

                                Homework Club (year 6)                              4.15pm


Tuesday             Lets Play Phonics (Key Stage1)                  4.00pm 

                                Fitness Club (Key Stage 2)                           4.15pm

                                Scrabble Club (year 5)                                   4.15pm

                                Multi Skills (Key Stage 1)                              Lunchtime

                                Choir (Key stage 2)                                          4.30pm


Thursday-           Maths Club (selected Pupils)                        4.00pm

                                Reading Club (Key Stage 1)                           4.00pm

                                Computer Coding Club (Year 4)                  4.30pm


Friday-                 Gymnastics (Key stage 2)                                 4.15pm

                                Homework Club (year 6)                                 4.15pm

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