As oart of our topic on Victorians, on Monday 4th October children in Years 5 and 6 visited BlistsHill Victorian Town near Ironbridge. As part of the trip each class experienced life as a Victorian child by taking part in a Victorian school room workshop.  The children has to dress up in costume and were taught like Victorians.  They learnt the alphabet, multiplication tables, prayers and wrote using chalk and slate. Left handed children were made to write with their right hand – just like the Victorians! Luckily, no-one was naughty and had to have the cane!

Children also got to explore the town and visit lots of different shops and buildings. We visited the printers, where we were shown how the put letters on the printer (they had to be back to front and upside down!). We also visited the doctors surgery, chemist, dentist, rich house and poor house. We learnt that lots of people lived in a poor house and shared only 2 rooms. Also, the outside toilet was normally next to the pigsty to keep the smells together! 
A lovely trip and a great day out! 


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