From 14th-18th September, children in Year 6 went on residential to Shugborough Outdoor Education Centre. They spent the week learning to be independent, resilient, good listeners, and a good team member. We feel these are really important skills to set them in good stead, not only for the challenges they face during Year 6, but for there transition to high school.

Once we arrived, the children had to put up there own tents – which was very interesting to watch!  

 They spent the rest of the day doing team challenges and problem solving activities. 

   Tuesday was our day out on Cannock Chase. We walked for miles finding out about nature and wildlife. We also hunted for Geocache’s having a GPS tracker.  Tuesday evening was the traversing climbing wall.  We had competitions to see who could hang on for the longest.  

   Wednesday found us canoeing, we learnt the different ways to paddle and played some great games in the river by Essex Bridges. Some children even managed to tip Mrs Machin out of the canoe!!! Children also got to experience firelighting and BMXing. Both of which we’re great fun. 

   The amazing activities continued on Thursday when the children did blindfold trail, climbing, caving and archery! Caving was dark and creepy and full of snails. Climbing was one where children faced their fears.  


 What a week! A great time was had by all!

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